Files Renamer

Files Renamer is a tool that will help you rename a lot of files at once.
In addition to standard renaming functions it has special powerful options to rename audio files.
You can use it to rename all kind of files in your computer as well.

It is a real time saver when comes to files renaming. Is fast, works directly on files selected in File Browser. There is no need to build any list of files prior to rename.  Supports batch mode and mass file renaming.

Using File Renamer you can:

  • Make all file names with the identical format.
  • Set any file name format you wish.
  • Remove unnecessary characters from file names.
  • Translate words. 
  • Create own file renaming pattern
  • Place a counter or separator within file name in any position.
  • Rename files or folders or files and folders together. 
  • Insert or replace words, characters in any position within a file name.
  • Get file names from text file.
  • Rename audio files according to ID Tag data.
  • Change the file extension.