Files Manager

This a complete File Manager built-in like Windows Explorer style, but has three panes - browsers
which let you easily works with the files. It includes everything that typical File Manager does have.
Features of File Manager:

  • Three File Browsers
  • Tree View
  • File Preview for viewing all kind of files.
  • Picture Viewer. A feature for viewing, printing, editing and converting images. It's a good way to get your image management up to speed - it's almost like going from 56k to broadband. It allows you to crop and resize images as well as copy and paste using Windows clipboard.  It has built-in rectangle selection routine for easy cropping or copying a fragment of displayed image. You can load images in over 20 formats and save them to 10 different formats. There are over 30 functions for image editing; you can apply filters, special effects and more.
  • Search & Replace feature for replacing a lot of the same files with the source one.
  • File Attributes for viewing and set the files attributes.
  • File properties and more of file manipulation features.
  • Compare files

With File Manager you can:

  •  Select files for playback, recording, writing or editing.
  •  Run all files and documents or start the playback by just double clicking on a file in the File Browser. Drag & Drop files to start playback, editing etc.
  •  View pictures
  •  Perform system operations like delete files from Recycle Bin, runs Control Panel items. Shutdown, reboot computer, register ocx, dll and many more....
  •  Perform all standard file operations like copying, moving, renaming, deleting, creating folder. Set file attributes and dates, it supports mass operation on files as well. Create new empty files, shortcuts to existing files. Change file names, extension, change volume names and more....
  •  Create & extract ZIP archives
  •  Print documents, graphics on a printer installed on computer
  •  Check if file fits on selected destination folder, drive. Search for specified files in your computer.
  •  Split & Merge files, works with removable and hard drives. Join files feature allows you to join any number of files.