CDDB Database

This File Audio Processor's feature can be used to retrieve detailed track and title information about an audio CD from a web-based or local CDDB database. It has been designed to work directly with the service provided by whose database currently contains data on more than 2.000.000 CDs.

 File Audio Processor automatically recognize an audio CD and filling up the CDDB Database grids with all necessary information's such as the disc's title, track titles and playing time as well as several other items of extended information.

Also provides functionality to retrieve data from local off-line CDDB database files and to allow submitting new or revised data to an on-line database. Basic CD data (such as track timings) can be retrieved off-line.
In addition, you can retrieve a cover CD picture from service. 

With CDDB Database you can:

  •  Query an Internet database.
  •  Query local database.
  •  Submit CD information to Internet database.
  •  Get CD basic information.
  •  Retrieve CDDB server addresses.
  •  Retrieve CD cover picture.
  •  Export data to Excel, HTM or XML.