Playlists Manager

Playlist Manager is a playlist creator & manager.
With this feature you can

  • Fast and easy create and manage playlist of your favorite media files.
  • Create new playlist files of your favorite media files.
  • Update & check existing playlist files.
  • Perform validation procedures on playlist like find duplicate files, path updating & checking, changing locations and more.
  • Play media files
  • Build playlist rapidly form folders selected in File Browser
  • Create a database of your playlist

 File Audio Processor supports the following playlist file formats 

  • M3U Winamp playlist, adopted by a wide variety of media players. Most popular.
  • PLS   Winamp playlist, Napster MPEG Playlist File, Real MP3 Playlist
  • B4S   Winamp 3+ Playlist, Wasabi Player (successor of Winamp 3 series player)
  • ASX   Windows Media Player - Advanced Stream Redirector File, major playlist file of Windows Media Player
  • WAX  Windows Media Player - Windows Media Audio Redirector, Audio Advanced Streaming Format
  • WVX  Windows Media Player - Windows Media Redirector (Video) 
  • WPL   Windows Media Player Playlist 
  • SMP   Sprintbit Media Playlist, our own playlist file format. Compatible with our other media software