ID3 Tag Editor

ID3 Tag Editor has the same functionality as Audio Tagger located at main window, but in addition, includes full support for editing MP3 tags version 2.0+ and WAV files chunks editor.
This Tag Editor is designed to edit tags in MP3 (including Tag V2), MP2, OGG, WAV, MPC audio files. Audio Tagger works directly on files selected in file browser. Support mass file tagging. 
Using ID3 Tag Editor you can:

  • Write, update or remove tag data.
  • Read tag data.
  • View lyrics text & pictures from MP3 file. View lyrics text & pictures that are associated to an audio file.
  • Write and edit lyrics text to MP3 file. Write pictures to a MP3 file
  • Manipulate lyrics text & pictures that can be associated to other audio files then MP3.
  • Read, write and update WAV file chunk data.
  • Play media files