Multimedia Player

File Audio Processor has couple of media players built-in
Our media players allow you to play almost any audio & video files, and that depends on codecs installed on your system. 
Here is the first one, which can be on the main software window

With Multimedia Player you can:

  • Create playback playlist by adding media files from your disk
  • Play playlist files selected on disk without the need to import them manually into a software
  • Play media files selected on disk
  • Play recent files. The player will add your files you play to 'Recent Playback Playlist' so you play them anytime you wish
  • Import and play playlist from Playlists Database
  • Play all supported media files in full screen mode on any monitor
  • View pictures and slide shows in full screen mode also on any monitor

 You can play audio, video, CD tracks, all major media files are supported:
mp3 mp1 mp2 wav ogg aiff wma m4a mp4 flac aac ac3 wv it xm s3m mod mtm mo3 cda mid mpg mp4 asf avi wmv mkv and many other