File Audio Processor - Multimedia Player  
File  Audio Processor - Media Player
This is the second of three media players built-in in the File Audio Processor. It is opened in standalone window.
Easy to use, just select file and click Play to start the playback.

Can play the following audio formats:
MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, RAW, OGG VORBIS, VOX G726, G723, G721, CDA, MIDI, MPC and others.
The following video files are supported:
Also this player allows you to play almost any audio & video files, and that depends on drivers and codec's installed on your system

With this Media Player you can:

Play video in full screen mode or in detached window only.
View Lyrics text and pictures during the playback.
Lyrics & Pictures can be viewed form MP3 file tag V2 or from associated files.
Play media files

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